This Commission is vested with the powers to conduct and more importantly declare the winners of elections to the Executive Council. The Commission in all its
engagements with the Association shall be referred ONLY to, as the Election
The Election Commission is a creature of the Constitution and shall abide by the ambit
of the Constitution thereof:

  • The Election Commission shall not act in any engagement with the Association
    beyond the purview of the Constitution (see, Part VI of the Constitution).
  • The Election Commission shall consist of five members at all times of its
    engagements with the Association.
  • The Election Commission is ENTIRELY independent of the Executive Council
    and shall take no instructions from the Council upon its inauguration to conduct
    an election.
  • The Election Commission MUST hold its inaugural meeting without fail within
    seven days of its composition (see, Article 46(1) of the Constitution). In that
    meeting, a Chairman or Chairwoman must be appointed in line with Article
    42(2) of the Constitution.
  • The Election Commission MUST announce the election date or dates within
    nine days of its composition, or its Chairman or Chairwoman shall resign
    without any further action in line with Article 46(2) of the Constitution. The date
    of the election must be twenty-eight days from the announcement date.
  • The Election Commission shall request from the President or such person
    acting on his or her behalf the list of members of the Association that are eligible
    to vote or be voted for, in line with Article 47(b) of the Constitution.
  • Election to the Executive Council SHALL be by open ballot system only, Article
    47(c) of the Constitution.
  • If a ballot is tied between members contesting to be elected to the Executive
    Council, a second-round is to be undertaken after a short speech by the
    contestant to the Association on why that contestant is to be elected over other
  • Where a contestant succumbs before the counting or during the counting of a
    vote, new contestant MUST be nominated, and another ballot undertaken.
    There shall be no conceding in election to the Executive Council.
  • Qualification for election to any office of the Executive Council is subject to
    Article 56 of the Constitution.
  • Election to the office of the President and Vice President has special
    prescriptions attached to it (see, Articles 61 and 68 of the Constitution).
  • Article 47 of the Constitution shall apply for the conduct of election by the
    Election Commission and upon counting verified by every single member of the
    Election Commission its Chairman or Chairwoman shall with immediate effect
    announce winner of the office to the Association.
  • No Trustee member of the Association shall interfere in electoral matters (see,
    Article 52 of the Constitution).

The provision above is a narration of the Constitution for the consumption of the
Election Commission in the discharge of its duties to the Association and where it
wishes further information, it is at liberty to contact the Constitution Drafting Committee
for clarification.

Yours sincerely,
Gbenga Marquis
Chair of the Constitution Drafting Committee