Meet Our Patron

HRH Sani-Abu Mohammed


Sani-Abu was born and raised in Nigeria, where his passion for dance was ignited at a very young age. He later immigrated to New York and recently to Toronto to pursue his career in the arts, and has since been actively teaching, choreographing, and performing in Canada and abroad.

With his natural flair, graceful movements, and vibrant energy, he captivates the audience and draws them in to share the experience of his performance on a much more intimate level.  The inspiration and motivation behind his creative work are derived from nature, his life experiences, and his desire to continue exploring and discovering new concepts and ideas. His exuberant smile, his love for children, and his passion for the sound of the drum are only a few things that describe this unique and versatile individual. Sani aspires to continue his journey of self-discovery and is dedicated to preserving the integrity of African traditions.  His mission is to present and promote work that is authentic, and to help erase cultural biases through celebrating his African roots.